Lottery App in the UK Malfunctions, Players May Have Tossed Winning Tickets after Camelot’s Smartphone App Developed Technical Issues

Winners Loss as National Lottery App MalfunctionsA lottery app in the UK malfunctioned this week causing the operator to pull the app before lottery users threw away tickets that may have been winners. The app in question is the app that players use to check to see if their tickets are winners or not. The malfunction isn’t anyone’s fault, its technology and as we all know anything can happen. The malfunction was caused by a software release, meaning a software update.

Lottery players were advised to check their numbers via the lottery website before throwing away their tickets just in case their tickets were impacted by the glitch.

The Lottery website issued the following statement, “If you are concerned that you may have disposed of a winning ticket, you have until 5pm on the 30th day after a draw to make a claim.”

An apology was made with lottery officials saying, “Some players may have recently seen an incorrect non-winning message caused by a technical issue with both the QR scanner and manual-entry results checker on the apps.”

Of course players were distraught about the outcome of what happened and immediately took to social media outlets faulting the app. One player even went as far as claiming that they won a redraw when the app said no.

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