Virtual Casino Group Warning, Old Tricks, New PlayersIt’s never easy when we receive casino complaints from players that have been taken advantage of by a sub par operator. In the last 15 years of Casino Scam Reports existence, we’ve helped hundreds of players resolve issues with online casino’s…good, bad and indifferent.

Our blacklist is stagnant at times because of better standards, better regulation and of awareness through the different resources available online willing to make a better place for players .

Unfortunately, with that said, there has been an online casino faction that has continued to plague players, taking their winnings, locking out accounts and overall just shady dealings. This group is the Virtual Casino Group.

Over the years players have been falling victim to their underhanded dealings, its been noted on several occasions that players don’t receive winnings and the typical “M.O.” of customer service will be to ask for documents and from there begin a run around from support that ends with the player becoming bewildered and eventually giving up.

This week’s email is from “ElmoBites”, her claim is not different from many that have filed a complaint, however it does not make it any less important. It does make it more troublesome because for years this casino group has been allowed to continue their abuse of players.

“Prism Casino is a total scam if you accept their “free” chips or “awesome” deposit bonus, but don’t expect to withdraw. They gave me a “free” chip for my birthday, I already had $800 in winnings in my account, but thought, that’s nice of them, I will accept. I’m sure it’s in the fine print…but if you don’t spend all you free chip and winnings within a certain amount of time they take all your money. They did a managers withdrawal for all my winnings, when time expired including the $800 of which I had before I even accepted the chip.

This latest one really takes the cake and I will not be playing at their site anymore just want to warn other people. I had $1000 I had won on slots, I went and played poker and won another $800, so I did $1300 withdrawal because I know they are going to take $280 bonus they gave me and I wanted $1000.

I logged in today and my account has $80 and my withdrawal was denied. They took the $1800+ in my account. They said I wasn’t allowed to play poker because of the bonus I accepted. First off I kept winning at slots so I had played through hundreds of dollars even though the bonus says “no rules or playthrough” and poker was locked for a few days. When it became unlocked I figured I had played through whatever requirements. Second if they want to play that game then they should have only taken what I won at poker minus the hundreds I spent at poker not my entire account and initial deposit.

They didn’t even give me my bonus on the $80 back. It also takes over 45 days to get your check if you can maneuver around their scams to not pay you. They’ll tell you not to tell your bank it’s from a casino, what’s that all about? BEWARE PEOPLE BEWARE”

Casino’s associated with the Virtual Casino Group include:
Bingo Knights
Club Player Casino
Cirrus Casino
Cool Cat Casino
Dreams Casino
Grand Fortune Casino
Palace of Chance
Party City Casino
Planet 7 Casino
Raging Bull Casino
Ruby Slots
Slots of Vegas
The Virtual Casino
Vegas Strip Casino
Wild Vegas Casino

Once again we are hoping to bring awareness to the unethical practices of the Virtual Casino Group and we are pleading with players to join in lending a voice in the comments below. The more we do to spotlight this groups actions, the greater we succeed in their failure as an online casino operator.



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