Gambling Advertising Getting A Crackdown In Turkey

A new draft proposal was filed with Turkey regulators that will impose strict regulations on all advertising regarding gambling across all media channels in the region. Reports confirmed the filing saying that the proposal demands that stricter forces be implemented with specific time frames that will protect minors with betting advertisements and the rules pertaining to the regulations of any and all betting promotions.

Details of the proposed changes include that advertisers will not be allowed to advertise any type of gambling and betting between the morning hours, from 8-9am, and again from 5-8pm in the evening during the week. On holidays and weekends from 9-12pm. Advertisers will be prohibited from using characters or people in their advertisements that will have “public relevance whether fictional or real”. Basically, any appearance that will attract minors and underage gamblers.

All advertisements that are permitted during the allotted timeframes will have to implement the “Play Responsibly” message across the advert. Turkey regulators said the message must appear for at least two seconds before the advertisement ends, and all radio advertising must discuss the message as well. Regulators are also including max signup bonuses to be capped at Euro 50 in the draft as well.

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