Submission of Complaints and/or Scams

CS Report does not condone the misuse or misinterpretation of the information collected within this website for the use of activities that are considered illegal within the jurisdictions of players or parties where they reside.

The use of and all content collected, transmitted and/or received are for informational news and entertainment purposes only and is not to be considered as legal advisory in the decisions making of members, visitors or players.

CS Report is not responsible for actions of members, players or visitors to this website and/or based upon the content or opinions expressed herein.

Members, players and visitors agree that they fully participate within the forums, groups, community and within this website for news and entertainment purposes only.

On behalf of players the editors of CS Report will engage with an online operator as a medium of communication only! CS Report does not promise in no way or form a guarantee to resolving a complaint or online casino scam submission, but only to act as a vehicle of communication in the aid of helping to resolve a matter.

Players that submit a complaint or an online casino scam must have documented proof to such claims in order for our staff to engage in any communication with online operators on their behalf.

The following conditions must be in order for CS Report to begin any type of communication with an online casino.

Complaints and/or scam submissions will only be reviewed once we receive a completed information feedback form submission, this is to include a valid and registered email address and user/login name to the online casino in question.

False or misleading information or otherwise incomplete claims will not be considered, in order to submit a claim you must provide us with proof that you facilitated the online casino in question with your correct and complete information at the time of sign up and abided by the terms and condition outlined by the online casino.

You must also hereby agree that you were of legal age within your jurisdiction at the time of completing a deposit and/or placing a wager at the online casino in question.

Your player account should be free from charge backs and you agree that all credit card transactions have been processed using your registered name upon player sign up.

Once you agree that you have abided by the complete rules and regulations of the online casinos in question and have fully understood the terms and conditions expressed herein this website will your submission of complaint or scam be reviewed and/or processed.

If you would like to ask any questions or express any concerns before completing a complaint/scam submission feedback form, please feel free to use our regular contact page to communicate with a member of our staff.

Note: Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change.