This week was a history making week for the first ever Native American online casino and poker room was announced for an upcoming launch. GEObet promised to help the Native Tribes transition from land based casino into online gaming, and he delivered on that promise with Northern Bear Casino.

“In addition to operating one of the finest online casinos in the market, GEObet Gambling Network’s goal is to unite tribal gaming in the virtual world by offering a turnkey live online casino to First Nations and tribes in North America,” said Gerry Gionet.

Northern Bear online casino is an affiliation between GEObet Network and Northern Bear First Nations is 100% managed by First Nations individuals and licensed in treaty 2 and 4 territory licensing under the Wapi Maskwa iGaming Act.

“After almost 20 years of successful First Nations-owned and operated casinos in Saskatchewan, I decided to become an owner/operator because I believe First Nations need to ‘occupy the field’ of online gambling,” said Bernard Shepherd from

The GEObet Concept is born from the tribal way of life and is operated by North Star Entertainment Ltd a company incorporated in the BVI by license with Olympian Trading Limited a company incorporated in the BVI and Olympian Trading Limited NV

“I’ll be operating under the same inherent, treaty, constitutional and sovereign rights as when I opened the first Indian casino in Canada on February 26, 1993. Our forefathers traded globally 100-plus years ago and entrepreneurship has been in our DNA for 10,000-plus years. This is what November 6, 2012, is going to stand for.”

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