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The Dirty Stack, Will WSOP Be Caesars Defining Moment

The Dirty Stack, Will WSOP Be Caesars Defining Moment

caesars_online_pokerTwenty seven days in and Nevada’s first online poker site, Ultimate Poker is still going strong. But as the first legal online poker room to allow gambling in the state, great demands and all eyes are on you as to how well you can uphold to the pressures.

Ultimate Poker’s every move is under a watchful eye. Reports broke and headlines were made when the online poker room dealt its millionth hand. And now there are just a few days left days before Ultimate Poker’s 30-day trial ends and it will go before a review of the Gaming Control Board.

Caesars Interactive (World Series of Poker), partnering with 888 Holdings, is hoping to be second in the opening of Nevada’s next legal poker site. A Spokesman for Caesars Interactive, Seth Palansky spoke with Reuters confirming that they are preparing to go live with online sites in the United States as early as summertime this year.

On May 29th, the World Series of Poker will kick off and Caesars may use WSOP’s popularity and exposure to launch its online service, much like Ultimate Poker, will only be available to players in the state of Nevada.

Shares of Caesars Entertainment have been on an upward climb, jumping 122% to lead the gaming industry. The stock has easily surpassed its closes competitor MGM Resorts, and is outperforming Las Vegas Sands and Wynn Resorts both who have a lot of exposure to Macau.

It looks like Caesars is off to a good start and with Ultimate Poker leading the way by example, we can expect to see additional casino companies follow suite. As it stand as of right now MGM Resorts International has received their online gaming license since the state legislature adopted regulations in 2011.

Other casino companies licensed by the state for online gaming include, South Point, Golden Nugget Poker, partnering with Bally Technologies, Treasure Island, partnering with 888 Holdings, American Casinos and Entertainment Properties Interactive, Arizona Charlie’s, Sartini Synergy Online and Monarch Interactive.

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WTO Proceedings Continue for Antigua and US Over Online Gambling

May 7, 2012 · Filed Under Online Gambling Laws, Online Gambling News 

March 2007, the Dispute Settlement Body of the WTO ruled that the US had failed to comply with the 2005 ruling against prohibitions on Internet gambling. Later in the year, the WTO granted Antigua US$21 million in annual trade sanctions against the US as compensation for damages.

Back in February we reported about the ongoing dispute between Antigua and the United States in which WTO proceedings were filed, now again, just a few short months later, according to the Observer News, Antigua is continuing the battle with the States over online gambling.

Once again Antigua took it’s online gambling dispute with the United States to yet another WTO meeting last week, frustrated by the United States pursuit and prosecution of online gambling operators on its territory, Antigua alleges that the US is breaching international trade agreements and should face sanctions, according to the Observer News.

All the while, both sides in the ongoing cross-border online gambling dispute continue blaming each other for the lack of an amicable resolution at last week’s World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting.

A letter presented to the WTO Dispute Settlement Body, the Antiguan & Barbudan government noted that they are diligently attempting to “negotiate a settlement with the US” and called for the United States to “observe its international obligations in good faith and with due consideration for the rights of Antigua & Barbuda.”

But the back and forth blame between the two parties continues as the U.S. says it is Antigua & Barbuda to blame for hold-up in negotiations.

Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer has expressed disappointment that the United States has not done enough to settle a long outstanding Internet gaming dispute with Antigua and Barbuda.

The Prime Minister said, Antigua and Barbuda had put forward several options to settle the case but that “there has been no fairness in the proposals received from the United States to date.  

Antigua and Barbuda’s Internet gaming sector has been decimated by the actions of the United States, and we believe that we must be fairly compensated for those losses,” Spencer said.

Antigua claimed that it has lost US$3.4 billion a year due to the US action, but the WTO ultimately awarded US$21 million in damages against the US.

In the meantime, the US has continued to legally pursue companies that engage in online gambling in Antigua and other jurisdictions. The most recent indictment was brought against Calvin Ayer, founder of, in February of this year.

Reported by Maggie B.

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“Skip” Bronson Debate on Why America Should Legalize Online Poker

March 3, 2012 · Filed Under Online Gambling News, Online Poker News 

Tech Crunch TV’s interview with Richard “Skip” Bronson, the co-founder and chairman of U.S. Digital Gaming (USDG) on “Why America Should Legalize Online Poker”.

I came across a recent interview that Andrew Keen, from Tech Crunch TV, held with Richard “Skip” Bronson, the co-founder and chairman of U.S. Digital Gaming (USDG) on “Why America Should Legalize Online Poker“.

In Keen’s opening statement he proclaims he is not a “big fan of online gambling, particularly poker”, because he believes “it preys on weak, addictive personalities and all too often can destroy innocent lives.”

Bronson believes that “addictive gambling” is a form of psychotic behavior just as with overeating, over drinking and compulsive obsessive shopping, and that playing online poker is not the root to all evil that will destroy lives.

However that was a precursor to the matter being truly discussed; the legalization and regulation of online gaming; it’s benefits to states that are willing to allow it and how the revenues from taxing online gaming can help elevate U.S. states from dire needs and help in returning financial stability.

Skip’s suggested solution is to have online gaming, especially online poker legalized and regulated so that illegal offshore operators that make billions for themselves are taxed. Bronson told Keen, “online poker is attractive because it can be used to drive business to brick-and-mortar gambling establishments. And this is a good thing, Bronson insists, because it will make online poker not only “safer” but will also guarantee the privacy of gamblers’ data.”

Keen continues in the interview about protection for individuals with addictive behaviors and the responsibility that “we” should uphold as citizens; Keen feels that legalizing poker will cause more damage if states approve intrastate online gaming as it will become more accessible.


At this point we would like to open up the forum for discussion (please post your comments below) welcoming your debates for and against the legalization and regulation of online gaming, and if/how you believe it will have a negative effect on individuals with addictive personalities.

What say you the people?

Reported by Maggie B.



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Churchill Downs Acquires Online Poker WebSite Bluff Media

February 11, 2012 · Filed Under Online Gambling News, Online Poker News 

Churchill Downs wants to cash in on online poker and is doing so with the purchase of Bluff Media for an undisclosed amount. At the close of the stock market it was made public that it had bought a poker magazine and associated websites.

With the legalization of online gambling gaining momentum, Churchill Downs Inc. is hoping the poker fan website could be a vehicle toward an entry into online poker.

Bluff is a multimedia poker content, brand and publishing company. It owns the poker periodical BLUFF Magazine and the magazine’s website; an online database that tracks and ranks the performance of poker players and tournaments called ThePokerDB; other blogs and forums; and various websites including and

According to, the purchase also includes Fight! Magazine, which covers and ranks mixed martial arts fighters.

Churchill said it could build on Bluff Media’s offerings “in the event there is a liberalization of state or federal laws with respect to Internet poker in the United States.”

Bluff Media has not been involved in real money gambling, but uses its website to direct players to games on other poker sites and at casinos.

Bluff Media’s co-presidents, Eddy Kleid and Eric Morris, and vice president of online operations, Jeff Markley, will continue in their current roles.

Reported by Maggie B.

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Chiligaming and Golden Nugget Partner for Online Gaming Website

February 11, 2012 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

In a press release from earlier, Golden Nugget said Friday it has partnered with Chiligaming, entering into an online gaming partnership, the hotel and casino chain, owned by Houston-based Landry’s Inc.

Chiligaming is an international developer and operator of games and gambling products. According to the Golden Nugget, Chiligaming has an iGaming platform that allows it to connect to any poker platform or online gaming content provider, which is a central feature of potential U.S. regulations.

“Chiligaming is thrilled to partner with Golden Nugget, which has a very strong brand presence across the US,” said Alexandre Dreyfus, Chiligaming’s CEO and Founder. “With its Las Vegas, Laughlin and Atlantic City properties, it is ideally and uniquely positioned for all of the online developments that lie ahead.” According to Golden Nugget’s Chairman and Owner, Tilman J. Fertitta, “We started an intensive process approximately nine (9) months ago and looked at more than a dozen internet gaming companies and selected Alex and Chiligaming because they were experienced in online gaming in Europe and demonstrated incredible passion, talent and knowledge which our team found to far exceed their competitors. We believe that online gaming is inevitable in the United States and that the Golden Nugget will be well positioned to compete when US laws allow for online gaming.”

“We believe that online gaming is inevitable in the U.S. and that the Golden Nugget will be well positioned to compete when U.S. laws allow for online gaming,” Landry’s CEO Tilman Fertitta said in a statement.

The hotel stated,  it expects the U.S. to legalize online gaming before the site goes live which will be a free-play website due to launch within the next Quarter.

Reported by Maggie B.

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Gaming Stocks Soar as U.S. Define Forms of Online Gambling

December 29, 2011 · Filed Under Casinos, Online Gambling News, Online Poker News 

Since the DoJ made it’s announcement in regards to the Federal Wire Act last week, online gaming stocks were in demand as dealers reacted to news that US regulators have finally defined and made clarity of their stance on certain forms of online gambling.

In lieu of such changes, many British companies had recently geared up their ties with the US in hopes President Barack Obama would resurrect the market.

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment leapt 29.7 23pc to 160p and 888 Holdings, which rose 9 per cent to 39.25p.

Betfair and Sportingbet are also eyeing up a market believed to be worth $3bn to $5bn, PartyGaming and 888 are considered to own the technology needed to cope with the flood of new players that would enter their games.

Simon French, an analyst at Panmure Gordon, added: “In effect this will make casino and poker legal, where appropriate state regulations exist and lay the foundations for interstate, non-sports gambling.”

As a result, Mr French strongly reiterated his “buy” recommendation on 888 Holdings because last Thursday the state of Nevada approved regulations permitting the issuance of online poker licences.

“888 is the only UK-listed company to receive Nevada Gaming Commission suitability approval and are expected to supply software to Caesars Entertainment to operate in Nevada,” Mr French pointed out. 888 rose 3.2 to 39.2p.

Bookmakers also moved higher on the back of the positive sentiment. Ladbrokes, for example, ticked up 4.1 to 123.7p and William Hill perked up 6 to 194.7p.

Reported by Maggie B.

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Is the DoJ Causing Some States to Crack it’s Moral Foundation?

December 28, 2011 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

Gambling critics see the DOJ’s interpretation as another major crack in U.S. moral foundation, but will Americans agree in regards to intrastate gambling being legal.

Rep. Stephen Sandstrom is hell bent on keeping Utah free from online gambling and has already drafted a bill to make sure online gambling remains illegal within the state of Utah.

“We want to opt out and ban any online gambling in the state. We want to keep Utah free from the negative impacts of legalized gambling,” said Sandstrom

Many gambling critics see the DOJ’s recent interpretation as another major crack in America’s moral foundation. Utah is one of only two states including Hawaii that does not allow legalized gambling.

Earl L. Grinols a distinguished professor of economics at Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University, recently commented, there are “Too many negative side effects, people don’t kill over a lost game, they do over gambling losses”.

“The U.S. Department of Justice’s conveniently issued legal opinion is a desperate attempt to try and fix today’s recessive economy. It’s clear that President Obama’s fiscal policies have been a complete failure,” said Sandstrom. “This latest move by the DOJ will only serve to harm all Americans economically and socially in the long-run.”

“The gambling industry profits from the vulnerabilities of its customers and opens the way for states to become further dependent upon tax revenues gained from a form of recreation that hits hardest those who can least afford it,” Sandstrom continued. “Improving the U.S. economy will only occur through commonsense fiscal policy led by a president who understands the private sector.

“This move by the DOJ is just more Obama Administration showboating and will only serve to expand federal government.”

With this new light that has been shed on the actual meaning of the Federal Wire Act recently, there are certain to be outcries and uproar coming from many state officials, but it will be interesting to see what Americans will have to say on the impact of the DoJ’s clarification that most intrastate gambling is legal.

Reported by Maggie B.

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