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Play for a Daily $15K Guaranteed at Black Diamond Casino

Play for a Daily $15K Guaranteed at Black Diamond Casino

March 20, 2017 · Filed Under CASINO HIGHLIGHTS, Featured, Online Gambling News 

Join Black Diamond Casino and Enter the Battle for a Progressive Prize Pot Worth $15K witha $75 Entry Deposit

Black Diamond is call warriors who are willing to battle it out and go for a progressive prize worth $15K with their $15,000 Guaranteed event. The $15K wagering skirmish is going on daily giving you plenty of opportunities to combat your way to the top of the leaderboard for a share of the cash.

All you need to do to indulge yourself in one of the daily prizes is get the highest bet amount of the day, that’s it! To play and join in on the fun, and guaranteed prize payouts, reach out to a casino host and make a $75 deposit. Once you make the required entry deposit you will earn one tournament ticket for each dollar you spend. The more you deposit, or win, so you can spin more the higher you will climb the leaderboard.

Black Diamond has enhanced its classic jackpot game plan making it more enjoyable with ever-growing prizes. As you can see below the first five spots are well worth fighting for, and there’s more! Black Diamond is paying up to 15th place so make your $75 entry deposit today!


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Black Diamond’s Casino VIP Battle $15K Guaranteed

June 22, 2016 · Filed Under CASINO HIGHLIGHTS, Casinos, Online Gambling News, RTG 

Enter Black Diamond Casino’s VIP Battle of $15K Showdown – Big Wins are About to Happen

Black Diamond's Casino VIP Battle $15K GuaranteedBlack Diamond Casino is offering a progressive prize pool worth $15K daily in their new VIP Battle. The wagering competition guarantees a wagering war between all contenders. The $15K is just the minimum amount to be playing for the amount can grow depending on how many players join the skirmish competition.

Black Diamond turned the classic competition game into an enhanced tournament that will make you log in daily to spin. Joining the competition is pretty simple! Make a $75 deposit, this is your entry fee. You will receive an entry ticket and for each dollar you wager it will count as points towards the leaderboard. Make it to the top 15 and you’re in the money.

Once the deposit/entry fee is paid the system will automatically keep track of your progress by converting every $1 bet into 1 point. When the tournament ends the player with the highest accumulate points wins. There are 15 places total with 15 different pot shares and prizes available.

This is the perfect promotion is your up to showing off your competition skills. There are other daily promotions offered as well including a welcome bonus worth $25 free plus a 500% match up to $5000 on the first 5 deposits.


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