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Malta Tops Lists of Gibraltar Based Operators

Malta Tops Lists of Gibraltar Based Operators

July 17, 2017 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

January – April 2017, Malta Has 79% Increase of Licensed Applications + 33% Rise in Licenses Issued Compared to the Same Period of Previous Year

New legislation is supposed to be announced this week in Malta. Malta is hoping to extend its establishment with forward-thinking and innovation. The Chairman and CEO of the Malta Gaming Authority, Joseph Cuschieri, strongly believes that the new regime will strengthen the MGA and provide the necessary tools to protect all of its consumers.

Cuschieri said in an exclusive interview that;

“The measures we are introducing will ensure that Malta’s reputation and relevance as a global gaming jurisdiction is sustained in the long term, leading to increased business activity and development.”

Malta has seen an increase of 79% in licensed applications from January 2017 through April. It was also confirmed that licenses being issued has gained its momentum by 33% compared to the same time last year. Cuschieri added to this released information with “These figures show that the integrity of Malta’s jurisdiction coupled with the MGA’s regulatory ethos is key in the attractiveness of Malta as a global place of establishment for remote gaming operators.”

Cuschieri concluded his interview saying that, regardless of the global political landscape weakening with expansions in the industry, “You can expect more innovation and a relentless drive for change and continuous improvement under my leadership.”

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Online Gambling Legislation Still a Possibility in Illinois

Two New Bills for Online Gambling in Illinois Give Life to Legalization for the State

Online gambling in the state of Illinois has been a topic of choice for some time now. The state joins many others since the beginning of the year to try for the legalization of online activities. Illinois wasn’t too eager to push for regulated online activities until now. There have been two bills proposed with online gambling included in them. The bills are at the statehouse with one more day to be acted upon when adjournment takes place.

If you look at the timeline these things need the chance that the bills will get approved are slim to none, but there is always hope, leaving the possibility of online gambling getting approved an option.

Online gambling and Illinois have always clashed. Revenue questions were always an issue with even getting the bills to the first stage, but this time is different, way different. The first bill S208 is an amendment that will legalize online activities in the state. This bill is the one that is in the Senate now. The second bill S1805 has already passed through the Senate and now sits in the House. Excitedly enough, daily fantasy sports is included in both bills that are waiting.

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Alabama Regulation Bill H 354 Won’t Happen, No DFS in State

May 22, 2017 · Filed Under Daily Fantasy Sports, Online Gambling News 

Daily Fantasy Sports in Alabama Isn’t Going to Happen Anytime Soon as State Denies New Bill

Alabama Regulation Bill H 354 Won't Happen, No DFS in StateUnfortunately for Alabama X doesn’t mark the spot for Daily Fantasy Sports activities approval. Unfortunately, Friday night the State’s Legislature denied legislation of activities with the DFS bill being stuck in Senate now for an indefinite time.

Bill H 354 didn’t have time to make it through all the necessary channels to get approved. It made it through the state House after some debate, it passed by a thin margin, but was the last subject to be discussed last Wednesday along with some amendments. This is as far as it will go with no vote being held on the matter when legislature adjourned last week.

This isn’t the news observers wanted to hear! It’s been noted that there may be a special session sometime in the near future, but it’s not promising that the DFS proposal would be on that agenda. If it doesn’t follow through this makes it the second time it’s been a big fail with defeat with both attempts.

Observers are speculating that lawmakers were influenced for the second year in a row by Luther Strange, State Attorney General. Strange’s opinion on DFS activities being illegal and considered gambling with the current laws in the state may be the reason why the proposal keeps getting pushed to the side.

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Warning Signs Appear for Online Gambling Legalization in Massachusetts

Lottery and Online Gambling Legalization in Massachusetts Seems Unlikely in 2017

Warning Signs Appear for Online Gambling Legalization in MassachusettsThere have been some warning signs appear in Massachusetts over concerns of online gambling legalization. Recent reports have many supporters worried that legalization of online activities won’t happen this year. Reports are saying that politicians in the state are more worried about cannibalization of the land-based venues revenues than what online revenues could do for the state. Online gambling helps the state instead of hurting land-based revenues. It also opens up an entirely new demographic for land-based operators.

There’s a list of the pros and cons still being reviewed over online activities, but there’s not enough time for legislation to act on it this year. There have been some other talking points that have emerged and have been disappointing by Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg. Rosenberg released a statement to the media saying it will be 2018 before any progress will be made and seen.

Deb Goldberg, State Treasurer has been pushing hard for online activities for a while now. She has also been trying for a revamp of the state lottery, but to no avail, she hasn’t got the results she was hoping for, not yet at least. Frustration and disappointment are two words to describe what supporters are feeling at this point.

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West Virginia Makes Move Towards Online Gambling with House Bill 3067

March 18, 2017 · Filed Under Gambler's Report, Online Gambling News 

West Virginia Introduces First Bill for Regulated Online Gambling

House Bill 3067 has recently been introduced into the state of West Virginia in an attempt to legalize online gambling activities. Mike Pushkin, Mike Bates, Shawn Fluharty, Joseph Canestraro and Sean Hornbuckle, are among the delegates to have sponsored the bill with hopes of “authorizing Internet gaming managed and licensed through existing authorized gaming facilities in West Virginia”. The bill is said to fall under the West Virginia Lottery Commission’s responsibilities regulations all relating to legalizing interactive gaming; providing legislative findings and establishing licensing requirements.

The bill will also allow gaming for states who are authorized for online gambling as well as prohibit strong or strict penalties for unlawful activities with up to $300,000 in fines and three years in prison for unlawful acts.

If the bill is approved, licensed facilities will be able to apply for an online license which will come with a tax rate of 14% towards all gross gaming revenues and a license fee of $50,000. Operators who are approved will be expected to set up their own policies and monitor its players.

Additional detailed information found in the bill include that all operators are responsible for making certain players are permissible to play, meaning residing in the state; as verification must be enforced that players are 21 years or older and protocols must be in place for responsible and problem gambling.

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Vietnam Looking at Legislation for Sports betting Once Again

Specific Types of Sports betting Activities May Get Legalization in Vietnam

Vietnam Looking at Legislation for Sports betting Once AgainIt’s been a process, and a long one at that with government officials working through the necessary steps to legalizing some types of gambling activities in the region. Plans were recently announced with forms of trial pertaining to land-based and online sports betting activities with wagering being permitted on dog and horse races.

According to recent reports this motion comes after a second proposed draft legislation was sent for approval. The Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc will need to approve the draft, and its being said he could do so sometime by the end of December or the beginning of next year.

Other provisions that are waiting on approval are allowing for two casinos to be constructed over a three-year period. It is said that this will be a “trial” period. If approved, all Vietnam nationals who are over the age of 21 and are in “good civil standing” will be allowed to wager on dog and horse races.

The initial proposal that was submitted said the minimum bet amount will be limited to $0.45. Ten years ago is when Vietnam seen its first gambling legislation. Provisions have been made making it more feasible for betting establishments to arbitrate from sports wagers.

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New York Passes Bill Legalizing Daily Fantasty Sports

New York Assembly Passes Legislation Legalizing Daily Fantasy Sports Throughout the US State of New York

New York Passes Bill Legalizing Daily Fantasty SportsFriday, the New York Assembly voted for daily fantasy sports activity in the state, and was approved. Operators in the state can now continue with offering contests to New York residents. Assembly members voted in favor of the measure with a 91-22 vote. The voting session concludes that daily fantasy sports activities are not related to gambling, and do not violate in any way of the state’s constitution.

The bill will have to be signed by Governor Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo only has 10 days to sign it into law. DFS operators who were active in the state prior to November 10th of last year will be able to temporarily offer their services while their application is being reviewed for approval.

All DFS operators who are approved will have to pay a 15% tax on all gross revenues and 0.5% additional tax that is said not to exceed $50,000. In addition to the taxes there will also be safeguards to help protect NY state players which include:

  • Restricting players under the age of 18 from participating
  • Ensure that the accurate odds of winning are actually represented in all advertisements
  • enabling players to permanently exclude themselves from future games (and potential losses) at any time
  • Identifying highly experienced players on the platform

Assemblyman J. Gary Pretlow, Chairman of the Assembly’s Racing and Wagering Committee commented:

“We concluded this is not gambling. This is not a violation of the constitution.” “The legislative findings in this legislature are that this is not gambling, and therefore not subject to the provisions of the constitution. Three and a half million New Yorkers want to participate in these games,” he added.

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MGM Speaks Up Again, Supports Online Poker in NY

June 6, 2016 · Filed Under Online Gambling News, Online Poker News 

MGM Supports Online Poker in New York – A Creation of Safe, Legal Environment to Protect from Unregulated Off Shore Poker Operators

MGM Speaks Up Again, Supports Online Poker in NYMGM Resorts in Nevada made it known they support online poker in New York. They said they are optimistic about regulations getting passed in the near future. A bill has been introduced and has advanced out of the Senate just waiting its final vote.

Ever since Pennsylvania started considering online casinos, New York expressed their interest in online poker. New Jersey’s record revenues also played a part in the decision to try and get it approved. Since MGM acquired 50% of Boyd Gaming’s stake in the Borgata, and with Nevada’s governor really wanting to pool the poker player base, now would be the perfect time for the Empire State to get on the ball and get online poker regulated.

General Counsel for MGM, John McManus released a statement Thursday saying,

“This legislation recognizes that millions of New Yorkers play online poker on unregulated and unprotected off-shore poker websites that operate with no oversight, fraud controls, or age restrictions. We applaud the Senate Finance Committee’s vote to create a safe, legal environment for online poker through legislation that will generate tens of millions of dollars in revenue for taxpayers, and create open and fair opportunities for all providers of online poker.”

A recent poll that the MGM conducted expressed that more than 70% of New York citizens “agree that safe, regulated online poker should be legal.”

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Pennsylvania Pushes for Legalizing Gambling Expansion

May 17, 2016 · Filed Under Online Gambling Laws, Online Gambling News 

Pennsylvania Won’t See Consideration for Legalized Online Gambling Expansion Until June  2016

Pennsylvania Pushes for Legalizing Gambling ExpansionIt looks like June is when consideration will be given by the House to legalize online gambling in Pennsylvania. According to news reports, the bill was considered last year. Rep. John Payne, the bill’s creator, didn’t make do last year with it being pushed through legislation, so now it has to be discussed once again.

When it was discussed last year it was put on ‘hold’ until sometime this spring. Legislation wants all 12 of the state’s existing land-based casinos to be licensed for online operators. With New Jersey setting new records for the month of April amounting to $17 million for just one month, there is plenty of opportunity for Pennsylvania to do the same, once it becomes approved and legalized.

Pennsylvania launched its land-based casino industry 10 years ago, back in 2006 with a win worth more than $31 million. Revenue records for table games was set in March with the state winning just $5.2 million from poker alone.

State gambling regulators said that just in 2015 the Keystone State was up by $3.17 billion. This amount was an all-time high with the state. If online gambling is regulated it is projected that this amount will peak at about 10% with online sales.

Supporter of the gambling expansion includes, Rep. Nick Kotik, D-Allegheny, the ranking Democrat on the House Gaming Oversight Committee, who stated to a panel of three Penn National executives:

“I would like to engage the casino industry in a conversation about enacting a comprehensive bill so if and when the time comes that this is overturned by the Supreme Court that we’re ready and can move forward.”

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Maryland DFS Bill Fails Legislation

April 14, 2016 · Filed Under Gambler's Report, Online Gambling Laws, Online Gambling News 

Maryland DFS is Still Up in the Air After Legislation Fails to Pass Sports Fantasy Bill

Maryland DFS Bill Fails LegislationDaily Fantasy sports is still up in the air in the state of Maryland after state legislature didn’t pass legislation Monday. The House failed to take action after the state Senate Mike Miller asked the attorney general to take legal action against FanDuel and DraftKings, two of the largest DFS operators.

Two bills (SB0976 and SB0980) were pushed through last month and passed, but the House didn’t vote on either bill leaving everything up in the air, and DFS activities still illegal in the state. Rumors are that it could be around a year before DFS is brought up again.

The two bills that were on the docket would have asked the state if DFS should be regulated and the other if voters didn’t approve the referendum it would ban all DFS activities. Both of the bills were scheduled originally were to be heard last week, but neither one went as far as being voted on.

Legislature doesn’t meet now until 2017, and since legislation is calling for a referendum of the voters it will be a long while until the matter is heard again. This could be good and bad news for the DFS industry. Good since it wasn’t voted on to ban activities, and bad because now DFS players have to wait to bet on DFS until next year sometime.

Marylands two bills under consideration were the SB0980, Gaming – Traditional Noncommercial Fantasy Competitions – Clarification and SB0976, Commercial Daily Fantasy Sports – Authorization and Regulation.

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