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G2E Asia in Macau Kicks Off With Brilliant Start

G2E Asia in Macau Kicks Off With Brilliant Start

May 17, 2017 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

G2E Asia Shines in the Spotlight on Opening Day

G2E Asia in Macau Kicks Off With Brilliant StartOpening day for G2E Asia 2017 was today. The Global Gaming Expo Asia in Macau shined in the spotlight for day one. This marks the 11th year the event has taken place with the opening ceremony attended by the President of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman and the President of Reed Exhibitions Greater China and Korea, Hu Wei.

This year, opening day seen a 25% increase with first time exhibitors on the floor. There’s a long list of notables that was present, more than what was expected. More than 70 companies were included in the attendees with all showing great interest in the online market and exposing their online gaming solution products.

The event is one of the biggest ones in the industry. It hosts seminars, conferences and boasts a strong scheduled program that covers every aspect of the gambling industry. This year it was predicted that it would reach new heights with industry leaders and record high exhibitors, and so far, the predictions have been right, even if it is the first day.

The event discloses all of the cutting-edge products, industry trends and upcoming solutions the industry has to offer.

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Newzoo’s Updated Projections on eSports for the Future

February 16, 2017 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

eSports Revenues Could Spike by 41.3% Says New Research Study

Results from a new research study has been released with the results predicting that eSports could soar by the end of this year. Newzoo, independent researcher conducted the study saying that the eSports industry will see revenues increase by 41.3% amounting to more than $695 million this year. An earlier prediction from Newzoo last year stated:

“Esports-related revenues are on pace to generate $493 million in 2016, according to a report from intelligence firm Newzoo. That’s up more than 51.7 percent from 2015, and it is also a 7 percent increase from the projection that Newzoo made to kick off 2016.”

Peter Warman, Newzoo’s Chief Executive said that,

“For brands, media, and entertainment companies, eSports provides a chance to capitalise on the favorite pastime of digital natives and Millennials: playing games and watching game content. With the arrival of live streams and events, gaming has entered the realm of broadcasters and media that can now apply their advertising business model to a market previously out of reach for them.”

Warman also stated that eSports is accelerating the union of different established industries as well as growing exponentially as a new business that isn’t dependent on the industry as a whole. The research study looked at all aspects that will have some impact on the future of the vertical. It concluded with an impressive outcome after its last study that took place 2 years ago when it predicted eSports to reach the $325 million market.

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Plyatech 2016 Interim Half Year Gaming Results

August 29, 2016 · Filed Under Gambler's Report, Online Gambling News, Playtech 

Playtech 2016 Half Year Results Presentation Showcases Fantastic Gaming Year as Shareholders Set to Benefit

Plyatech 2016 Interim Half Year Gaming ResultsThe world’s biggest online gambling provider released its first half of 2016 figures and, of course, continues to grow. The gambling provider earned more than $378 million for the first 6 months.

The profits amounted to an 18% increase compared to last year at this time. Not only does the industry as a whole get to benefit from Playtech’s products, but their shareholders do to as well.

Shareholders are going to receive $168 million in dividends the company said. This amount is huge compared to what most companies give their stake holders. The benefits of this monetary incursion are superior. Playtech wasn’t too impressed with its poker and bingo products, but their casino and sports betting definitely made up for the lack of for its financials.

Playtech’s online poker revenues sat at $6.7 million during H1 2015, this year $5.6 million. Bingo decreased its revenues by 11%, but casino games which include slots, blackjack, roulette, and dwarf poker generated the most with the total numbers.

Sports betting grew this year compared to last too. Last year they earned $18 million, this year $20 million, so a little increase, but some growth is better than no growth at all.

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Gaming Analysts Hopeful of Decline Turnaround in Macau

May 20, 2015 · Filed Under Online Gambling News 

Financial Analysts Predict Macau Turnaround Could Take Months, Gaming Analysts Sees Hope After Eleven Monthly Gaming Revenue Declines

Gaming Analysts Hopeful of Decline Turnaround in MacauReports have surfaced Monday that Goldman Sachs’ Gaming Analyst Steven Kent expects Macau’s gambling industry to not recover with seeing any kind of a turnaround for months, or possibly even quarters. Kent’s exact words concerning the 11 straight month declines is “much more than everybody feared, and we do not see a turnaround for months, possible quarters.”

Double digit declines since September 2014 were seen for Macau’s revenues with a record breaking 49% drop in February making total revenues down 37.1% for 2015.

The financial gaming analyst also downgraded stock projections for Las Vegas Sands Corp, Wynn Resorts Ltd and MGM Resorts International.

“Las Vegas Sands’ footprint in Macau has gotten so big that we expect its results will become a ‘proxy’ for the market,” Kent wrote. “We believe it will be difficult for the company to see a reversal in its fortunes without the broader Macau market also showing a turnaround.”

Kent strongly believes that the Las Vegas Sands Corp, although he thinks highly of the company, is what has affected Macau the most with more than 65% of Macau’s revenues coming from Sands Cotai Central, Four Seasons Macau, The Venetian Macao Resort and Hotel, and Sands Macau.

Stock price target for Las Vegas Sands was cut by Goldman Sachs from $60 per share to $52 per share, Wynn Resorts from $154 to $145 per share, MGM Resorts was reduced the least from $22 to $21 per share.

The industry expects Las Vegas Sands to deliver results since they are at footprint in Macau, but it’s difficult for the operator to do so when other company’s aren’t showing a turnaround as well. By years end gaming analysts are predicting that casino revenue tops out between $30 billion and $35 billion.

“We stuck with our positive ratings, because we thought that at some point Macau would start to bottom out as the Chinese government’s anti-corruption program ran its course,” Kent said. “However, it now looks like a recovery will take longer.”

MGM Resort shares were at $19.68 at closing on Monday’s NYSE, which was up 1.08 percent. Las Vegas Sands closed 0.61 percent to finish the day at $50.66 and Wynn Resorts closed at $106.86 on the Nasdaq, 0.07 percent.

Steven Kent has served as an analysts with Goldman Sachs for over 25 years winning numerous awards throughout the years.

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NV, DE Sign Internet Poker Compact, Social Mobile Gaming on the Rise

NV, DE Sign Internet Poker Compact, Social Mobile Gaming on the RiseLast month Govenors Sandoval (NV) and Markell (DE) signed an internet poker compact, it was the first of its kind as the agreement will allow poker players to compete in a combined pool between the two US States.

This is great news for the states as the shared player pool is sure to help benefit the continued success of the online poker sites within both states. Both Governors are hoping New Jersey as well as additional states will come on board with the compact in a concerted effort increase revenues for all states involved.

This week, just a short time after the compact was signed, Locaid has been selected as the Geolocation-based services for Delaware and Nevada. Promising the “largest device reach” in the industry, Locaid, was deemed compliant under the recent Multi State Internet Gaming Agreement.

In a recent press release, Rip Gerber, President and CEO, Locaid stated that his company will “mobile compliance technology that ultimately enabled the first interstate online poker deal in U.S. history.”  Gerbet believes that if New Jersey were to come along to join the pact that their location service will integrate seamlessly into the Garden State.

Locaid is the world’s largest LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) company, which operates “location in the cloud” and promises that it can determine the physical location of your customers, employees or assets, anywhere, instantly.

The Locaid Compliance API was specifically built to allow gaming operators to follow strict state regulatory requirements in both wagering and lottery offers via the internet and mobile channels.

As the states join together to hopefully sign more compact agreements, the popularity of online gaming continues with the growth of both mobile and social gaming. A recent study by has discovered findings that players are continuing to move away from traditional gaming methods towards online gaming on mobile and social networks.

The global Social Gaming market is expected to reach a value of USD 17.40 billion by 2019, growing at a CAGR of 16.1% from 2013 to 2019. Growth in the usage of internet and social networking sites has spurred the growth of the games over the internet.

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New Online Gaming Platform, New Jersey Ready for Real Money Gaming

October 7, 2013 · Filed Under Gambler's Report, Online Gambling News 

iCore Launch

New Online Gaming Platform, New Jersey Ready for Real Money GamingComTrade Gaming, a leading independent software supplier to the gaming industry announced the launch of its newest online gaming platform, iCore. The new enterprise gaming platform will help support operators by providing a central bonusing over all products. This new platform will allow operators a choice of the best breed suppliers for their content.

Supporting everything an operator needs for a successful business growth, from CRM, payments, loyalty, business intelligence, affiliates to helping improve operational and marketing efforts.

ComTrade says that they are “focused on core technology that delivers the foundation for any gaming operation, suitable for the largest of operators wanting full control of their business.”

ComTrade Gaming’s was on the panel recently sat at the GSA round table at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2013 where focus on the discussion of GSA standards within the gaming industry were discussed.

“The use of GSA standards allows Monitoring systems to be rolled out faster, as vendors are using internationally recognized documented protocols to communicate with regulatory systems, which ensures openness and transparency in the process.” – Oliver Lynch, Director of International Business Development

Special Internet Gaming Counsel

The Delaware’s State Lottery Office is seeking a few good proposals in connection with the Delaware Gaming Competitiveness Act of 2012. Delaware is permitted under the act to offer Internet gaming. The intention is to select one or more experienced Internet Gaming Counsel to provide legal advice in connection with the implementation of the DGCA.

The Special Internet Gaming Counsel will also provide legal advice on legal issues related to the creation and review of multi jurisdictional Internet gaming compacts, the creation of international multi jurisdictional Internet gaming systems, and the sharing of liquidity in Internet gaming.

Virtual Casino Solution First

Earlier this month Aristocrat Technologies announced plans of integrating its award winning nLive™ virtual casino solution with partner Oasis 360™ Tachi Palace Hotel
and Casino.

A recent major serial to Ethernet upgrade was just completed in connection with the partnership and plans for the first California based property to contract for an nLive virtual casino is set in motion.

The new nLive free play virtual casino will be designed to match the individual branding of the land-based casino which will be connected through Aristocrat’s innovative nLive Link™ technology, which provide Tachi Palace a way to reward its players for their play both in casino and online.

New Jersey, Ready, Set, Go!

New Jersey will give thanks early this year as the launch day for real-money online gambling in the US state begins November 26th. The confirmation of the date was made by the state New Jersey Department of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) along with the announcement of publication of relevant regulations on October 21.

David Rebuck, from DGE commentated with, “Casino-licensed internet gaming permit holders will be authorized to commence full Internet gaming on November 26th, 2013 at 9:00 am EST.”

The final draft of the state’s interactive gaming regulations included well 40 pages of comments from 28 interested companies and individuals as well as responses from the DGE. For full details preview a copy of the final draft.

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Slotland Mobile Casino Offers Players Unique Gaming Entertainment

slotland_mobileSlotland Mobile will be the most unique gaming experience you will encounter ever. I can say this with confidence because they have games unlike any other mobile casino on the planet.

You will play and be entertained with one of a kind slots that will make your mobile device the hottest thing this summer and all summer long!

Currently, Slotland Mobile has some of the best jackpot payouts in a network that boosts a Slotland Jackpot at $75,179 and sister casino Win A Day Casino Jackpot at $71,132!

New player bonuses are great too if you want to take on a little extra to fund your gaming experience. Here is a nice sampler platter to wet your palate!

$1,000 Registration Bonus

$1,000 in Welcome Bonuses, Slotland Mobile matches your first deposit with a 100% bonus up to $100 and the next NINE deposits will receive a 50% bonus.
Wag Req: 12x

Monthly Mystery Bonus

Every month players will be given a chance to win a bonus of 30%, 50%, or even 100%, just by reading their newsletter. Bonus money will be automatically credited to players’ accounts after their first deposit the following month.
Wag Req: 10x

$100 bonus for every $1000 deposited

Every time players’ deposits exceed $1000 and multiples thereof (i.e. $2000, $3000, $4000, etc), they will receive a $100 bonus.
Wag Req: 1x

Weekly Draw

Players can win free cash bonuses up to $500 in Slotland’s weekly draw! All they have to do is make a deposit during the week and they are automatically entered into the weekly draw for prizes worth $1,500!
Wag Req: 2x

Slotland’s most popular slot among players is the winning Ice Queen:

Mark H. won $19,320.00 at Ice Queen
Gail M. won $4,136.00 at Ice Queen
Brenda B. won $2,924.00 at Ice Queen
Edward R. won $3,056.00 at Ice Queen
Lynn M. won $2,950.00 at Ice Queen
William C. won $3,156.00 at Ice Queen
Phil L. won $3,180.00 at Ice Queen
Tomas R. won $2,000.00 at Ice Queen

Visit Slotland Mobile today!

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Join Intertops Online Casino for $30K Wheel of Fortune Bonus

March 30, 2013 · Filed Under Casinos, Online Casino Bonuses, Sportsbetting 

Join Intertops Online Casino for $30K Wheel of Fortune BonusOnly one week left! Don’t forget to cash in and get back in the game at Intertops Casino before this deals ends!

• 100% Match-Up bonus up to $400*
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Spin the wheels and reels at Intertops Casino and win a fortune and take part in the give away of $1,000 every day!

Just play any game at Intertops Casino to be entered automatically into the prize pool. $1,000 in mystery bonuses will be awarded every day with 20 lucky customers receiving $50 each. Don’t miss out – Spin the Wheel of Fortune at Intertops Casino!
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Bet on Baseball!
Pitch a winning wager! Spring has sprung and the new baseball season gets underway on Sunday. Do you know which teams will make a splash in the months to come? The World Series may still be a distant dream, but your tips could prove to be very lucrative when fall comes around. Check out our hot odds on all the MLB Regular Season action ahead!

A date with the Elite Eight!

It’s all or nothing for the final eight teams in the 2013 March Madness tournament this weekend. Whose season will come to an abrupt end in the four Regional finals and who will make the trip to Atlanta? Check out our elite odds on the action, follow your hunches and slam dunk your way to a tasty hoops profit!

Click banner above to learn how to redeem your bonus. Please note: Only one bonus per customer can be active at any time.

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Mythical Adventure Themed Online Slot Debuts at Red Flush Casino

January 15, 2013 · Filed Under Casinos, Online Slots 

jgf_slotsWe received a press release yesterday pertaining to the release of an online slot I am so very excited about. It is a mythical adventure themed slot and growing up I was all about Greek Mythology and adventures so I am super excited about, Jason and the Golden Fleece!

Fans of mythical adventures and the story of Jason and the Argonauts will quickly becomes fans of Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot once they join in on the quest of a young leader and his brave companions. Jason and companions set sail to the ends of the known world to find the golden fleece of a mystical ram, in order to claim Jason’s throne from a usurper.

Jason and the Golden Fleece is one of the coolest online slots to date, full of adventure, with many twists and turns and a slew of opportunities for rewards through features such as Wilds, up to 10 re-triggering Free Spins with 3x Multipliers, Scatters and most importantly 6 great bonus games with significant prizes.

In the Shield bonus, players get to pick 6 shields for hidden rewards, whilst in the Harpy bonus, players keep picking from 17 Harpies until a match is made, with the chance to double the bonus rewards if a 2x multiplier is revealed.

The Symplegades Shipwreck gives players two bonus picks, and in the Crete Wheel bonus the player gets up to five spins on a wheel of fortune-like feature that has 15 multiplier rewards.

From this bonus the player moves to the Sirenum Card Bonus, a Hi-Lo card game in which the player guesses if the next card is higher or lower in value than the previous card. Finally, the Argonaut’s destination of Colchis is reached, and the player is faced with a selection of 20 magic potions from which to choose, in order to create a brew strong enough to put the dragon to sleep and claim the Golden Fleece and associated rewards.

For sheer entertainment and variety this is a video slot that is hard to beat, drawing the player into the beautifully illustrated theme and keeping the action rolling with a series of second screen bonus games that offer excitement as well as ample chances for prizes.

The wagering range on the new game is wide enough to suit most bankrolls, with a per-line minimum as low as 0.01 or as high as 0.50.

Red Flush Casino is among the first to offer the new Jason and the Golden Fleece video slot – take a trip into the adventurous past and experience the journey of braves!

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Betsoft Gaming Grants Mobile Casino Players Three Wishes Slots

December 11, 2012 · Filed Under Betsoft Gaming, Mobile Gambling, Online Gambling News 

Betsoft Gaming has become a very popular casino slot developer amongst players because of their 3D cinematic slots that provide countless hours of pure innovation and entertainment.

From the compelling graphics, rich with color and great design, accompanied by soundtracks that play throughout the gaming experience. Betsoft’s committment is clearly to focus on entertaining gamers.

Besides, who doesn’t like a good Genie, especially one that grants you THREE WISHES?

Now casino players don’t just have to play online anymore, as Three Wishes is the latest online slot is now available to players on their iOS mobile platforms.

Three Wishes Features

  • Choose between Fame, Wealth and Love in the 3 Wishes bonus round!
  • Monkey Click Me features interactive monkey who helps win instant credits
  • Free Spins Chest and special Magic Carpet features add excitement to the main game
  • Amazing animation brings the Genie and his world to life

“Releasing the mobile version of Three Wishes continues our concentrated push into the mobile realm,’ said Anthony Locke, BetSoft’s Head of Product Development. ‘Three Wishes is one of our most popular games, and we are confident that it will take the mobile gaming world by storm.”

Betsoft Gaming’s stunning games are fully remastered for optimal mobile performance, with functionality and presentation enhanced from their Flash versions for the mobile environment. You simply won’t find a smoother, true 3D cinematic experience on the mobile platform anywhere else.

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