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Two New Apple iWatch Games from Big Fish Availble

Two New Apple iWatch Games from Big Fish Availble

Big Fish Games Announces Its First New Apple iWatch Games, Lifeline and Poll Party Spark a New Gaming Sensation

Two New Apple iWatch Games from Big Fish AvailbleBig Fish, one of the first Apple iWatch developers launched two games for Apple users to enjoy while wearing the new fashion accessory. Lifeline and Poll Party are the first two new games to launch on the iWatch as well as iPad and iPhone. So if your the first to have pre-ordered the new iWatch on April 1-th, you are already on step ahead of the rest.

Big Fish plans on developing more games than just these two. They are working on expanding its new platform with adding titles that revolve around Apple’s latest invention. Big Fish aims to create innovative games with multiple features that are created to support the wearable piece of technology.

General Manager of Big Fish 3 Minute Games Studio, Colin Liotta released the following statement about the new games, “With Apple Watch, Big Fish is excited to push the limits of this technology and create innovative new game play experiences. We love making games that our players love to play, and this is an exciting new platform to explore.

Both games enable a new playing experience with the levels of excitement, playable story lines and communication to makes wagers with just a quick tap of your wrist in real time.

“Lifeline for Apple iWatch is a Pick Your Path, fully text based, adventure game. As the player, you make decisions in real time and follow along as the consequences play out. This game was penned by Dave Justus (Fables: The Wolf Among Us) and makes excellent and well-crafted use of the small Apple Watch screen.”

Poll Party Are you on top of the latest trends? Of course you are! Prove it in Poll Party. Puppies vs. Kitties, Robots vs. Zombies and Flying Cars vs. floating skateboards – vote on what you think is the most popular choice. Compare your scores to those of your friends. Stay in-the-know with this fun game of stats and trends.

Big Fish was founded in 2002 and has garnered a fabulous reputation as one of the up and coming developers for the mobile gaming industry. The company delivers fabulous content to millions of users around the world with its mobile platform.

For a look at the newest Apple iWatch games by Big Fish view the demo below.

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UK iPhone Users Get Real Money Casino App with Upgrade

September 14, 2012 · Filed Under Mobile Gambling 

This week the iPhone 5 was released and the joy could be felt around the nation as many upgraded, traded and scrambled to get there hands on the latest and greatest.

iPhone users in the U.K. can also get an additional feature for their iphone 5 upgrade or purchase as they will be able to gamble with real money via their smartphones for the first time.

Big Fish Games Inc. has introduced the new Big Fish Casino app which is a rebranded version of the Seattle-based company’s highly successful mobile-social casino game, Card Ace: Casino.

The app will feature slots, video poker, roulette and blackjack. In contrast to the free-to-play Card Ace: Casino, the newly revamped version will allow users to gamble with real money via the app for the first time. The new Big Fish Casino app will be available through iOS, Google’s Android platform, and through Facebook too.

US players dont get an upgrade just yet! The real-money betting options will only be available to users within the U.K., where mobile gambling and online gambling are legal, provided that they are over 18 years old.

Reported by Maggie B.

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