Russia’s State Duma Approves Draft Bill That May Increase Maximum Tax Levy on Gambling Tables

A draft bill was approved by Russia’s State Duma that will cause hikes with the tax levy in the country for all gambling machines and tables. According to reports the bill plans to increase its top levy’s up from 125,000 rubles to 250,000 for each gaming table.

Also included in the bill are measures to increase the maximum levies on other gaming machines going from 7,500 rubles all the way up to 15,000.

In a statement, Summit Ascent said: “It is too early for the board of directors of the Company to predict whether the above proposed changes will become legally enforceable.”

Summit Ascent also said that having held talks with representatives from the Primorsky Government, the special Gaming Zone in Russia, about the potential changes, it found that the regional government was keen to “maintain the tax rates at existing levels should the bill be enacted”.

Before the bill can go into effect it has to make it through a few more channels including three different readings with the State Duma, which is scheduled to take place anytime and President Vladimir Putin must approve and sign off on it.

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