Mr Green Reported their Revenue Growth for Q4/2016 this week with the final figures showing one of the strongest quarters the operator has seen.

Active customers as well as customer deposits for the reported timeframe was eventful to say the least. According to the Full year report, Mr Green’s 2.0 business strategy is working with results starting to be delivered.
Indicators for the successful 52-week period included mobile revenues increasing by 71.2% to SEK 392.8 million, earnings per share after dilution amounted to SEK 0.92 and EBITDA before non-recurring items amounted to SEK 91.4 million.

Significant revenue increase was seen too with a 16.6% increase compared to 2015’s final numbers. 2015’s revenues amounted to SEK 792.6 million while 2016 was SEK 924.5 million. The total revenues and increase is what attributed to Mr Green investing into its platform and expanding its sports betting and live casino products.

“2016 was an eventful year that ended with the company being listed on Nasdaq Stockholm’s main market on 30 November. The listing is a stamp of quality and a key milestone that we achieved in accordance with our communicated plan,” commented Chief Executive Officer, Per Norman.

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