The Online Gambling Application Process Scheduled To Start The Beginning Of April In Pennsylvania

An announcement was made by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board this week confirming the acceptance of online gambling applications will commence on April 2nd. Pennsylvania joined three other US states to legalize online gambling. Last year, the bill was passed with the process of getting everything organized finally coming to an end and the start of online applications being accepted.

Pennsylvania is in the preliminary application process with existing gambling licensees being able to apply for an online license, which will require the land-based operator to partner with a third-party software provider to offer online activities.

The countdown won’t take long until Pennsylvania is in line with the other US states already offering online gambling services. It’s taking quite a bit of time for the state to legalize and get the approval needed for the countdown to even begin. There were quite a few setbacks last year making it very difficult to set a specific date to make it publicize on a specific time frame, but now the progress is where it needs to be with a confirmed date set on the calendar. Let the bidding process begin!

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