Oulala, A Leading Daily Fantasy Sports B2B Provider Expands its DFS Network with New Deal in Safaribet Kenya

Beginning early 2018 Oulala and Safaribet Kenya will officially launch a two-year agreement which will be an integration of Oulala’s Iframe plus then API.

”We are very pleased that Safaribet has become a new member of our Daily Fantasy Football network,” said Valery Bollier, Oulala’s CEO. ”While most iGaming operators have begun to acknowledge the growing need to offer new types of products in order to attract younger generations, Safaribet’s team made a crucial step forward as they truly understand the benefits of offering our DFS product. We have actually come to the realization that convincing young operators to implement our approach is much easier, since they are less consumed by the “milk your customer/cow” route. Essentially, young operators from Africa, Asia and South America, as well as new entrants within the European market are far more eager to try out a new product and business model as they are still in the process of establishing and building up their brand and market.”

As one of the leading sports betting companies in East Africa, Safaribet Kenya, offers a wide array of games and socially innovative products. Safaribet Kenya is seeking to expand into the lucrative east African market, with primary focus on Kenya.

Oulala’s product will initially be available on Safaribet Kenya (www.safaribet.co.ke).

The new deal between Oulala and Safaribet Kenya will compliment the the award winning DFS company’s online sports betting services for all its major sports including football, basketball, ice hockey, rugby and others.

”We are known as a vibrant, disruptive sports betting brand that likes to cut across barriers and drive social interactions, so offering daily fantasy football games fits perfectly into our vision of connecting with our customers on an emotional level,” commented Imran Premji, CEO at Safaribet Kenya. ”I think that with Oulala’s platform we will further enhance our market position and really capitalise on the World Cup next year.”

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