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  • U.K. Online Gambling Regulations
    Concern Prompts Changes in Proposed U.K. Online Gambling RegulationsProposed changes in online betting in the U.K. has sparked concern that the new regulations, which shift taxes to the consumer end, could harm the nation’s gambling industry and even the British economy in general. The manner in which the British government regulates online gambling has been met with resistance from operators who fear a reduction in gambling and thus in their profits.

    Designed to protect gamblers, who in the U.K. are known as punters, the changes target operators who have attempted to reduce their expenditures by moving to jurisdictions where taxes are lower. One such place is Gibraltar. The expressed concerns have prompted some changes in the plan that were recently announced by Helen Grant, the U.K. minister for sport, tourism and equalities. She expressed concern about the proliferation of fixed odds-type gambling terminals and, specifically, the tremendous amount of betting that was taking place over the machines.

    Grant said that the government should adopt a precautionary approach and take “targeted and proportionate action” to protect players who use high-stake gaming machines on the high street. She referred to the new plan as a “sensible and balanced” approach that allows for the continued use of these machines on the high street while still providing enhanced supervision and the protection of individual punters. One proposal would require gamblers placing bets of more than 50 pounds to employ account-based playing practices or place cash over the counter.

    One of the pro-gambling groups that has expressed concern is the Association of British Bookmakers, which in a statement claimed that the regulations could lead to the closure of nearly 8,000 betting shops and the loss of around 40,000 jobs that are related to the industry. According to the association’s chief executive officer, Dirk Vennix, the regulations will at the least inconvenience responsible punters and lead “problem” gamblers to bet on other things. The result could be an overall reduction in investing in online gambling.

    Remote gambling, of which online betting is a part, has become increasingly popular in the U.K. In one survey, some 10 percent of the nation’s citizens said they have participated in some type of remote gambling, with most of them playing the famed U.K. National Lottery. The gambling industry reportedly makes up 0.5 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product and generates millions of pounds in tax revenues every year.

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