Rick Norris

Rick is the founder of CS Report and the advocate between players and casino management that helps resolve disputes, complaints and confusion that may occur between player and operator. Rick has helped hundreds of online players settle disputes and collect payouts faster, in a more sufficient and understandably civil manner.

Emotions can sometimes run high for players when payout disputes arise.  Rick calmly and professionally on the players behalf makes a requests to the casino managers to help get things resolved. With an extensive knowledge and understanding of the online gaming industry, Rick has excellent success in getting issues resolved and players paid their winnings.

Rick Norris, CS Reports Player Advocate and Online Casino Dispute Resolution Guy!

How Maggie describes Rick: “He’s a no nonsense kinda guy that has this incredibly devious twinkle in his eyes when he smiles.

Maggie Bean

Maggie has been with CS Report since the beginning in 2003, mostly behind the scenes, until recently where she has taken on the role of full time staff writer. Maggie dishes the daily scoop on the latest online casino news, gambling insights, and updates across the globe.

Maggie’s additional skills are utilized with design, video previews and reviews.

Maggie is a visual person that is currently working on a new and exciting design for CS Report, this new design will be a feature enriched and more interactive website to help players, play smart from the start…stay tuned.

How Rick describes Maggie: “The island girl fashionista, with the really cute creole accent and pretty green eyes!”

Peter McCullough

Peter is a new edition to the staff. Peter, because he hates being called “Pete”, will report on all things Poker related. He is a freelance writer and loves making short films…I think the films are short because his attention span is just that.

Peter came to us as a guest blogger and we liked him so much we thought he was a great addition, so we kept him to stir things up around here. His only other vice is he thinks he really is Peter Berg, we try to tell him just because he sorta kinda looks like the guy, it doesn’t make him a big time Hollywood producer/director!

In Peter’s spare time he enjoys jogging with his chocolate lab “Layla” and losing his shirt playing Texas Hold’em online.

Oh yeah, Peter told us not to forget to mention he likes making his own beer and grilling steaks!

How Maggie describes Peter: “Way to serious, his poker face makes him look mean!

How Rick describes Peter: “The guy can really grill a mean steak; his beer making skills however…eh!