New Jersey Losing its Biggest Online Gambling Supporter

New Jersey is about to lose one of their biggest online gambling supporters. Since online gambling launched back in 2013, State Senator Lesniak was one of a few that worked endlessly to get online activities legalized in the state. Lesniak did all the extensive research, submitted bills and convinced other lawmakers that online gambling would be beneficial for the state.

Unfortunately, Lesniak is scheduled to leave the state legislature very soon and hopes that whoever takes his place will step up to the plate and fill his shoes, and express just as much interest as he did. Lesniak has been and continues working on an industry fix by making New Jersey a more integral part of the world wide web.

Currently, Lesniak is preparing legislation to make it mandatory that all gambling services that are offered in the state must have a server based in Atlantic City. Lesniak’s goal was to create a licensed gambling hub. The market has grown significantly since its launch with the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement doing a remarkable job on the licensing and regulation aspect of the market. His term will end at the end the of this year, but there is still plenty of time for Lesniak to fulfill some of his anticipations.

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