GBP1.2 Million Won at Glossy Bingo on Progressive Jackpot

Huge GBP1.2 Million Progressive Jackpot Win at Glossy BingoGlossy Bingo announced a million dollar plus winner earlier this month. Bingo player Mandy Bowman won a progressive jackpot worth GBP1.2 million playing Microgaming’s Major Millions Slot. Mandy usually sticks to the bingo side of the site, but something just told her to spin a few times and try out her luck.

Little did Mandy know that she would spin herself a major win with her last GBP3. The Scottish bingo player had a little luck playing online bingo winning GBP400 before she decided to call it quits with the bingo games and move to the slots side.

Mandy was playing the games from her mobile when she was about to call it quits for the night. She spun the reels and lined up the symbols needed to win the progressive payout. When it comes to playing slots it only takes one spin. That one spin can change your life forever, and that proves to be true with Mandy’s story.

Mandy spoke with Glossy’s management team telling them that she usually doesn’t bet that big, but once a month she likes to go all out and see what happens. She never bets more than she can afford. She hasn’t decided on what she will spend her massive win on, but we’re sure she will treat herself to something real nice.

Mandy along with other notable wins from Glossy players include;

a BINGO PJP WIN £18,545.42 Congratulations ‘alkers’. ‘I’m still in shock, it feels like a dream. Glossy are amazing, I look forward to spending my winnings on a static caravan in Scotland!’

SLOTS PJP WIN £1,185,253 – “I thought I was seeing things, then a message flashed up to say I had won the jackpot. When I saw the number I thought it was a mistake or a joke – I really didn’t believe it.”

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