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  • We DO NOT allow website based review articles, bonuses, promotions or related articles. Your article should be based on news worthy content that relates to current industry news events in the online gambling industry. i.e., current gambling related news, current opinions of regulation, legislation, interviews with individuals in the online gambling sector.
  • Please note: We are NOT looking for articles on why you should gamble online or how to gamble online or suggested sites to gamble etc. We have dozens of articles on how’s and why’s. Make your article original and unique!
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Republishing Policies

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Editorial Policies

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Guest Posts Exchange

The author agrees not to republish the same article to other blogs in order to keep the blogger’s content unique;
The author agrees not to hide any links within the content he or she provides (without any additional agreement).

Policies may change at any time without written notice, please review our policy page often to keep updated.

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