The French Market Shows Improvement With Its Full Year Statistics

Encouraging online gambling statistics for the French market has been released this week. The ARJEL (Autorité de régulation des jeux en ligne), French Regulator released its report expressing the market has yielded Euro 9.2 billion in entry fees and wagers. This is an increase of 9% for the 2017 gaming year.

ARJEL said that the market recorded an increase in all sectors including active player accounts and gross gaming revenues. Active player accounts increased by 13% while gross gaming revenues seen a 18% increase.

“These results are encouraging, they testify to the dynamism of the licensed operators and reflect the determined action of the regulator,” the ARJEL said. They added that the “slight rumbling last year is clearly confirmed” with it revealing that the market, as a whole recorded its positive results.

The regulator confirmed that even the sports betting sector dominated in growth. Record wagers amounted to Euro 2.5 billion and a 400,000 increase of active bettors. Online horseracing broke their four-year declining streak. Active player accounts grew by 7% thanks to new innovative products. For the first time in 7 years, online poker surprised with its 1% growth.

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