Burnbet’s Fake Games and Threats to Latest Casino Bonuses

Update on the latest between Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) and the Death Threats Against the Affiliate Site. It seems as though 2WinPower has removed the pirated Aristocrat Games. Burnbet was exposed for pirating over 50 games in which death threats were made. Read more below. Now in light of the industry coming together and LCB’s unwillingness to be pushed around, their tenacity paid off when they contacted Lightning Box Games managers to cooperate with helping in getting in contact with Aristocrat. Aristocrat immediately blocked Win2Power through not one but a resurgence of another server in Moldova after the Russian servers were blocked.

For more details follow to LCB: https://latestcasinobonuses.com/news/lcb-rogue-reports-yield-success-2winpower-removes-pirated-aristocrat-games 

Yes you read that right… Death threats against a website operator that dared to expose these crooks for who they are.

The gambling portal website Latest Casino Bonuses (LCB) found evidence that the sportsbook and casino website burnbet.com has been using pirated software on their website. They are using what appears to be software from the popular gaming platforms of Novamatic, EGT and Aristocrat while duplicating some of their most popular slot games.

LCB reported that they had uncovered the evidence of pirated software when their inspection team found evidence that Burnbet was using a company called 2WinPower as their software developer. It turns out that it is the exact same company as a previous gambling website that was exposed for pirating gaming software.

After publishing their findings LCB was contacted by Burnbet and they neither confirmed nor denied the use of pirated games. A couple weeks later someone by the name of Tina, claiming to be the CEO of Burnbet, contacted LCB in the hopes of having the negative posts taken down. LCB was uncompromising, as they should have been, standing firm in their decision to leave the post published. LCB has built their business around being a player advocate, and to take the post down about some shady casino operation would not do players any favors. And this of course is where the threats began to take place.

It started with aggressive emails, Facebook, and Live Chat tactics and believe it or not referencing people being killed by the Italian Mafia that failed to cooperate.

Burnbet threats of violence

burnbet threats of violence


After reading the article and seeing the threats that were posted on LCB’s website it was convincing enough for us to share this with our website visitors to warn them about this company’s tactics. We would be remissed to not stand behind LCB in reporting not only the use of pirated software but as well as the threats of violence against another human being for simply doing their job of exposing illegal casino operations. There is much more to this story if players would like to read further. You can find additional information at LCB in the following link: https://latestcasinobonuses.com/news/lcb-team-receives-death-threats-from-burnbet-casino and of course in light of all this evidence against burnbet.com sportsbook and casino we strongly urge our website visitors to avoid this gambling venue.

Burnbet.com is now blacklisted!


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