$4.5 Billion Wagered in Bitcoin on Gambling Over the Last 3 Years as Gamblers Giving Popularity in the CryptoCurrency

Bitcoin, the digital cryptocurrency has continued to rise in popularity over the years. Recent reports confirm the virtual currency is one of the more popular and most used forms of payment to gamble online. There have been $4.5 billion wagered with bitcoins since 2014, so over the last 3 years.

Statistics show that most all gamblers strongly believe that bitcoin is the perfect payment option for online transactions. Using bitcoin has made it possible for more confidential and privatized gambling with faster transactions, anonymous and more secure transfers. Just last year more than $45 billion in bitcoin was purchased, sold and transferred, this is a remarkable volume for the industry.

According to a bitcoin tracker website that tracks the value of BTC and more, reports that more than 24.5 billion wagers were placed just in the last two years. There are more bitcoin gambling websites that have appeared over the last couple years too.

Amongst 60 bitcoin websites there are close to 337 wagers being placed per second with 3 BTC being the average per minute. At the time of the report, 3.7 million BTC was wagered which equals out to be right around $4.5 billion.

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