We recently had a player file a complaint about an online casino not paying out his winnings. I was a short complaint and one that didn’t make much sense (to me anyways)…


Usually when the complaint is a one liner like this one, I usually ignore it. Why, because I specifically ask players for detail about what the issue is. I’m not going to waste time emailing back and forth until I get all the answers. It gets too time consuming. But I digress.

The purpose of this post is not to chastise this player for his brief sentence in the complaint, but to warn others about what this person failed to see when they signed up and deposited at this fake online casino.

The casino he said “DONT WANT TO PAY” is located here: http://www.OmegaSLot.webs.com.  Now just by looking at that link raises red flags. Why? Well without even clicking on the link it clearly shows someone used a free web building site to make a casino. No legit casino would do that. And if that isn’t enough. Just by clicking on the link shows a pitiful display of copied and blurred graphics with what is most likely pirated software. There is a graphic for “Paydirt” which is an RTG slot. No other place on the site shows any info about the casino or where they are licensed. Even the footer clearly shows it’s built on the free webs.com site.

Online Casino Scams

When I told the player he was playing on a scam site and explained why, he still appeared to be baffled. Folks, if you cannot distinguish between this fake site and a real casino website, you probably deserve to be scammed. I know that sounds harsh but that’s the reality. It’s so simple to do a Google search and find out about these websites. Take some time to do that or just keep your money in the bank.

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