South African Government Finally Decides Against Legalizing Online Gambling

South Africa's Plan for Online GamblingWell, after over what seems like a decade, or maybe it really has been that long, it has been decided that online gambling will not be legalized in South Africa. A policy document was released by the Department of Trade and Industry, on April Fool’s Day, but this isn’t a joke, rest assured, that the South African Government objects legalizing online activities due to the danger of the land-based competitive market and the ability to create jobs like the land-based market does.

Now, where things may get complicated is that South Africa allows online sports betting. In some countries sports betting is considered way different than online casinos, and to a sense it is different. Online sports betting in South Africa will be allowed to continue, but anti-illegal gambling enforcements will be initiated through the National Gambling Act amendments. This will order internet service providers to ban all access to illegal websites and forbid financial institutions to process any banking transactions.

New enforcement responsibilities will come from the National Gambling Regulator for monitoring the ISP block and criminal activity when operators aren’t complying. The National Gambling Regulator has hired more staff at a provincial level to accommodate the enforcements.

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