Online Casino BlacklistCasino Scam Reports online casino blacklist has been compiled from various player submitted complaints that have been brought to our attention throughout the years. Each complaint or negative feedback has been researched through various means of communication with the online operator before their inclusion to our casino blacklist.

Information collected from online resources as well have provided us with numerous feedback based on negative experiences by players.

Online Casino Blacklist

Our team has gone to various lengths to try and advocate on behalf of the player issuing a complaint or fraud warning before the operator has been added to the following blacklist. Most times operators are added as a last resort.

  1. We have contacted the casino without response on numerous occasions
  2. The operator has closed the players account without warning
  3. Refusal of payment for legitimate player winnings
  4. Change of terms and conditions or lake of a comprehensible terms and conditions

We believe in keeping communication open and transparent from past user submitted grievances in order for other players to make an educated choice when selecting an online casino.

Casino Scam Report recommends that you choose from the list of licensed, regulated and approved online casinos if you are uncertain of the various choices elsewhere. We stand by our commitment to speak on players behalf if you ever have an issue with ANY of the approved online casino listings here at Casino Scam Report.

Other resources for player dispute resolution: