GameAccount Gets Fined For Out of State Bets by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement

NJ Regulator Fines GameAccount $25K Out of State Bets Who would have thought that a few small bets accepted out of state would result in a huge fine? This is exactly what happened to GameAccount! The New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement fined GameAccount network $25,000 for accepting a few small out of state bets. Recent reports are claiming that the bets accepted were less than $350. Betfair Casino is the New Jersey online casino that uses GameAccount and accepted the bets.

With New Jersey being the biggest of the three states that allow online poker, and two of which allow casino games, there is no room for violating the state’s regulations. The penalty is a civil one, but is still a serious action. The bets were made by six players on software that was not approved for Android devices.

The strict rules enforced by the state’s regulator prohibits out of state wagering, and requires all operators to have geo-location measures in place to prevent issues like this one. Since the fines were issued GameAccount Network has taking the proper steps with the regulator to get approval.

So far, this is the first reported geo-location fines issued since the state started offering online activities

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