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Casino Complaint Reports

The Casino Complaint Report is a list of the most recent online casino complaints we’ve received from players all over the world. When we receive a player complaint and agree to help resolve the issue our findings and conclusions of the complaint are listed here.

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Slot Joint is the Casino Players Newest Hangout for Free Spins and Big Wins

April 19, 2017 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports, Featured, Online Gambling News 

Slot Joint is the Casino Players Newest Hangout for Free Spins and Big WinsSlotJoint’s Rewards Club Rewards Free Spins and Extra Bonuses

One of SlotJoint’s top priority is to make sure you are shown how appreciative the casino is to have you as a player. The casinos’ reward to players come in several different forms with two of them being weekly bonuses and free spins. Weekly bonuses are generous in every way with a 50% match on Fridays up to $50 and a 50% match on Monday’s up to $100. Each of the weekly bonuses have a 40x wagering before any winnings can be cashed out.

Claiming the match bonuses are easy peasy! Just choose which bonus you want on the deposit page, welcome back page or promotion page, make your deposit and the bonus will be credited to your account instantly.

SlotJoint also gives away free spins. If there aren’t any weekly match bonuses being handed out there are free spins. The free spins offer varies depending on the featured game of the week, or if there are any special events going on at the casino.

New players receive $1,000 free with the first 5 deposits. After you make your first deposit SlotJoint rewards accordingly with tons of special offers just like the rewards point scheme. Since everyone is to feel appreciative and pampered, real money players are rewarded with loyalty points.

You can earn 2x the points on the most popular games which right now Immortal Romance is paying out double the points on the desktop platform, and on mobile it’s An Evening with Holly Madison.

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Foxy Bingo Scam

Foxy Bingo and Foxy Casino have now been added to our Blacklist. The owners of Foxy “Cashcade Limited” decided it would be a good idea to close their affiliate program for their casino and bingo properties, namely Foxy Bingo and Foxy Casino. The Cashcade affiliate program had an agreement with affiliates (we are not one of them) that if they brought in new real money players for Foxy Bingo and Casino they would get a percentage of the profits for the life of those players. Cashcade DID honor their agreement up until the time they decided to close Cashcade and re-open later under a different name. Opening up under a different name or “brand” is certainly not a problem and it happens all the time in this business. The problem here is that they have said they will open up under another name and NOT bring the affiliates with lifetime player agreements along with them. That folks is called theft. The heat is on right now for Cashcade to reverse this terrible decision but at this time it still stands and so Foxy Bingo and Casino will be on our Blacklist until further notice. If they are willing to steal from hard working webmasters and affiliates we are sure they would have no problem scamming from players as well.

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Zodiac Casino Complaint – Resolved

February 6, 2017 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

A player submitted a Zodiac Casino complaint about the casino blocking their account after winning $175.18 CAD. Apparently the player was found to have two accounts open at the casino. Of course the player complained that he did not know about the other account (something we hear all the time). Sure it’s possible that most players do not realize they have more accounts than one. This could come from opening an account years before and just forgetting about it. Nevertheless this is a violation of the casino’s terms and conditions and it is up to the player to contact support and simply ask them about it. It’s also important to document supports answer and save it. If the casino support says you do not have any other accounts and later on it’s found that you actually do have a duplicate account, you might have a leg to stand on when it comes to challenging them about it.

At this point in the complaint we would’ve just sided with the casino but in this instance the player told us that Zodiac Casino offered him 1000 free spins after they told him they had blocked his account. This is the player’s complaint…


i win 175.18$ (CA) on zodiac casino but when i cash my win my account was block. i write to the custumer service (tchat service) and he said to contact the and after 5 days he respond me then i have 2 account with the same e-mail and he don’t want to paid me but i don’t know for the 2 account. he offer to give me 1000 free spin. i don’t understand how i can play 1000 spin if i don’t have access to my zodiac casino account i still lock from the moment trying cash it.

I wanted to find out if the 1000 free spin offer was true so we reached out to our contact at Zodiac for some clarification. Our contact reported to us that there was no such offer and never has been. She asked to see the email or chat log that validated the players claim about the 1000 free spin offer. We again reached out to the player and they replied with the below email. Of course nothing that shows anything about a 1000 free spin offer…

i received this mail and when i open this mail, i received the offer for 1000 free spin….i don’t know for the 2 account..i just 1 email adress. so i win 175.18$ and he refused to paid… it’s a fraud!! but this is the mail:
Hello xxxxx,
Our systems have detected that multiple Casino accounts have been created using your PC, email address or personal details.
The Casinos terms and conditions do not permit more than one real account per household, personal computer or e-mail address. This is necessary in order to reduce the casino’s exposure to online losses.
As such, the winnings have been voided and confiscated.  .
Kind regards,
Risk Management
Casino Rewards

With this we concluded out complaint investigation in favor or Zodiac Casino. The player violated the terms of the casino for having two accounts with the same email. And on a side note. Even if the player had two accounts with different emails, that is still a violation and would be subject to account closure.

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Planet 7 Casino is now Blacklisted

January 21, 2017 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

Planet 7 Casino has been scamming players out of their winnings for months now. We have had numerous complaints READ COMPLAINTS HERE over the past several months about non payment of winnings. Some players have reported that after months of complaining to planet 7 casino’s customer support that the casino actually did payout. These reports have been unconfirmed. What we do know for a fact is that support used to answer our complaints in a timely fashion but those days are long gone. Planet 7 Casino no longer responds to any of our player complaints and that is why we have made the decision to Blacklist them.

We urge players to avoid Planet 7 Casino at this time. Since the casino no longer responds to our complaints we have no idea if they are blatantly ripping players off or if they are having processing issues but either way it is in the players best interest to avoid this casino.


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Spinit Casino Payout Complaint – Resolved in Favor of Casino

December 23, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

resolved Payout Complaint – Resolved

Player came to us with a payout complaint about rejecting their winnings…


It’s a new casino they’ve stated I’m not getting my winnings as I used my daughters paysafe account  with her permission also my daughters first they say ids okay then.   Something different help

I know. The complaint is a bit confusing but basically the casino, like ALL online casinos told the player you cannot use someones e-wallet or credit card. That is not allowed for fraud reasons no matter if you did get permission (always read the terms and conditions).

But there is another reason the casino refused the winnings, This player and her daughter were playing from two accounts in the same household. This is a major term breaker. NEVER have more than one account per casino per household.

This is the email sent the player…

Dear XXXX,
I hope this email finds you well.
I regret to inform you that your winnings have been removed due to a breach of the bonus’s Terms and Conditions during your game play.
Using some one elses payment method is not allowed. Also only one account is allowed under the same household.

Your initial 10 GBP deposit has been returned to your gaming account, so that you may play with your deposit without being tied to the bonus terms.

Feel free to contact us at any time for any question that you might have. Our Casino Hosts will be more than glad to assist.

Spinit Support

Well at least the casino was nice enough to give her back her original deposit. They most always do in these cases.


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Grand Reef Casino Payout Complaint – Unresolved

November 14, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

unresolved Casino Payout Complaint – Unresolved

We received the below payout complaint last week about Grand Reef Casino not paying out a $7500 win:


Hi, I have been trying to withdrawal winnings from this casino for 2 months or longer now.  They claim there is an issue with the international banking system, and have agreed to pay $1000 a week, commencing on the 24/10/2016,   I have not received any money as yet.  When I make enquires, they tell me the system is slow, and for them to further investigate, I am to  show my detailed bank account to where the money is suppose to have been deposited in, which it has not been.  The total amount is $7500..  I do not know what to do any more.  Thank you for any assistance or advice

All emails we have sent to Grand Reef have been ignored so we are issuing this warning to our website visitors. We advise players to avoid this casino. If you have a money issue with them we will not be able to help you recover your winnings.

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Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast) Casino Payout Complaint – Unresolved

November 14, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

unresolved Casino Payout Complaint – Unresolved

UPDATE 12/17/2016 123BingoOnline Is now Blacklisted. Read the reasons why…

A player filed a complaint against 123 Bingo Online 2 weeks ago. Below is the complaint and the chat log file she saved after speaking with a 123 Bingo rep:

I have been trying to get a $300 withdrawal from 123 bingo since 23.5.16. Have sent repeated emails but never any valid reason why my withdrawal is still pending 5.11.2016. Didn’t realize that i could save the chat until just recently.

This is the chat transcript:

Withdrawal (**********************)

1S Seems that withdrawal was denied in error please request the withdrawal again, so we can get this fixed.23-8.   25-8

123 Bingo SupportThe withdrawal was requested again on August 23rd. usually the process would start all over again but since the mistake was ours, it should be approved by tomorrow, hopefully.

It has been escalated to management already.


We should have news on it by tomorrow night.



This is ‘Tucker’. Please verify your Email and Phone Number so that I can assist you.

Player: Email ****************. Phone ******************

Tucker: Hello

Tucker: Thank you for the account information

Tucker: How are you today?

Player: I want to know why after countless emails and replies saying arep would get back to me in 1working day- i have never once heard from anyone in customer service

Tucker: How many days has it been?

Player: I am bed ridden as per most days

Tucker: How may I help you today?

Player: Started around 3 weeks ago. Have a withdrawal pending that is still pending and nothing is happening

Tucker: What was the date of the last request?

Player: Just a small amount too. Not sure but was $300 i think

Player: Need to go in my emails to exact date but in middle august

Tucker: Bringing up the transactions now

Tucker: The withdrawal was approved on Aug 26, 2016

Player: I have sent nice,angry then livid emails as entitaled to know what problem is. First said they mistake n pur it back in my account n go withdraw again. Did this

Tucker: I will send it over to our finance department, and find out what is going on

Tucker: I typically hear back from them in 24 to 48 business hours

Tucker: I would expect you should receive that somewhere around the first or second of October

Player: Thank you. I did explain as not had phone call that i am in assisted living and have no access to phone only staff do. After 5pm australia time it on answermachine til nurse back on shift

Tucker: e are available 24/7

Player: Read that they need to ring before withdraw. But like i said we not got phone privledges were we live

Player: I was waiting for money to buy my self few little luxuries like talc n perfume. Things we don,t get

Tucker: I will be sure to let them know

Tucker: Is there anything else I can help you with, at this time?

Player: No but can i save this message at all?

Tucker: Yes, of course

Player: How. I on ipad that not mine n have no bleepin idea

Tucker: Do you see the top of the chat window were the envelope is?

Tucker: with the orange arrow

Tucker: Click there

Tucker: enter the email address that you want the chat emailed to

Tucker: and click the go go go button

Tucker: It might say send

info: Your chat transcript will be sent to your email at the end of your chat.

Player: Found it thank you. You are the first person to help me out . Thank you again.

26.10.16  Player: Hi! VIK

Vik: Hello.

Vik: For verification purposes can you please confirm your login ID?

Player: bubaree54

Vik: Thank you for the info. What can I do for you today?

Player: I am just here to ask IF abd WHEN my $300 winnings will be final and I can expect it in my bank account

Player: Have sent many many emails without any reasonable explanations as to what was happening. It is still pending my account says

Player: Just went to me emails and found one saying many changes and opoligies by 123 bingo

Vik: We are very sorry for the delay. but as we moved our operations to central europe so your payment is delayed.

Player: Reference number: ************** Please use this ticket number in any correspondence with us. Subject: When you were offline (via LivePerson) Dear Customer, Thank you for contacting us. We are very sorry for the late reply, as we are doing lot of changes in the system and we moved our operation to central europe So we were not able to get in touch with our players on time. We are very sorry for the delay in payment but we are working on all the withdrawal request, Please be patient you will receive update very soon from our side. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.

Vik: but we are working on it and you will receive your money very soon.

Vik: I am personally working on all the withdrawals and I am trying my best that all the delayed payments should be done on time,

Player: Why couldn’t anyone explain this before now. a simple answer would hae been fine

Vik: I understand but I am working on it as there are so many request we are working on all of them one by one.

Vik: really sorry for the delay but we are working on it.

Player: I thought it was because no one had been intouch by phone. Explained that i am in disability share house and only nurse has phone and answer service all other times

Player: That is fine as long as I get an email letting me know when it is finalised

Vik: Thank you for understanding. Also we are coming up with some new bonus and offers soon.

Last time I bothered to try and get any straight answers from that site. Mind u i did send some scathing emails in between. They agree that the money is mine but I am still waiting. Think  I have been waiting long enough.

Regards. *****

CS Report has sent 123 Bingo Online two emails about this complaint and unfortunately they have both gone unanswered so that leaves us with no choice but to write a complaint report on 123 Bingo letting our website visitors know that if they deposit at this casino and do not get paid, we probably will not be able to help you. We recommend that players avoid at this time.

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Winning World ( payout complaint – Unresolved

October 28, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

unresolved Casino Payout Complaint – Unresolved

A player from came to us two weeks ago looking for help in resolving a payout issue…

I have a winning balance of 6.8k in the account now,  the website refuse to process my withdrawal saying that my account is under investigation, saying that i have to wait.

however they dont give me any estimated waiting time when i ask them how long i have to wait….

Really much appreciate if can get help from you.

We tried to contact the casino twice but they are not replying to us about this player complaint. At this time the player is still being told by the casino that her account is under investigation with no timeframe to get their payout.

Since the casino is refusing to speak with us about this issue and basically leaving the player without their payout we are warning our website visitors to avoid playing at

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Palace of Chance Payout Complaint – Blacklisted

October 21, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

Another Palace of Chance payout complaint. Nothing new here folks. This is why they have been on our blacklist for years (listed under Virtual Casino Group)


this site is a joke when it comes to withdraws they make it as hard as they can to make a withdraw. i had 3 withdraws pending only to find out all of them have been declined for one stupid reason or another. i was even told by a customer service agent that my check had been processed and it was in  the mail only to find out it was declined. i am closing my account and sticking with cafe casino and grand fortune they are respectable. this site is a fraud dont spend your money here

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Avoid – VERY Rude Customer Service

October 21, 2016 · Filed Under Casino Complaint Reports 

We received this chat transcript from a player (or potential player) at or Bingo Hall. It is possibly the rudest customer service rep we have ever seen. This guy “Thomas” definetly hates his job. Either that or he just loves being a a**hole.


Support Agent


Thomas Hi! How are you?

Julie | New Hi Thomas, I received a call for 25.00 no deposit bonus. It said it would be deposited. Can you check on that for me.

Thomas Can I interest you in a deposit deal today, so that you can start playing for real cash winnings?

Want me to activate the 2500% promotion for the first 5 deposits for you ?

Julie | New Hi Thomas, I received a call for 25.00 no deposit bonus. It said it would be deposited. Can you check on that for me.

Thomas Make a deposit and start winning REAL money.

For 25 you get 150, for 50 you get 300, for 100 deposit you get 600 total and so on.

Julie | New Hi Thomas, I received a call for 25.00 no deposit bonus. It said it would be deposited. Can you check on that for me.

Thomas Can I interest you in a deposit deal today, so that you can start playing for real cash winnings?

Want me to activate the 2500% promotion for the first 5 deposits for you ?

Julie | New Hi Thomas, I received a call for 25.00 no deposit bonus. It said it would be deposited. Can you check on that for me.

Thomas Can I interest you in a deposit deal today, so that you can start playing for real cash winnings?

Want me to activate the 2500% promotion for the first 5 deposits for you ?

Julie | New Hi Thomas, I received a call for 25.00 no deposit bonus. It said it would be deposited. Can you check on that for me.

Thomas Can I interest you in a deposit deal today, so that you can start playing for real cash winnings?

Want me to activate the 2500% promotion for the first 5 deposits for you ?

we can do this all day long

Julie | New WHAT??

I can not believe this. I thought it was a machine – I had no idea that your company representative is this rude! WOW, thanks because if you are rude and refuse to honor offers I can only imagine how hard it would be to get you to honor paying out winnings!

Thomas no more freebies until deposit

Julie | New You never have to worry about me asking you or your bull&*^( casino for free or otherwise!

Thomas cool. bye bye

You rated our customer service as bad.

You left the following comment: This guy was SO RUDE!!! I will never ever come back to your site!!

Julie | New WOW,

Thomas WOW!

Julie | New I will report this screen shot to every casino site on the web!

Thomas make sure to also read Terms and Conditions in the meanwhile

Julie | New Copied-

Thomas bye bye

Julie | New Submitting first to Casino Scam report.. Read

Thomas bye bye

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