100 Free Spins, Play Girls with Guns at Casino La VidaWhen it comes to finding the right online casino players need facts to make the best decisions. This past week when Microgaming online casino Casino La Vida published their top 10 most popular games based on payouts, we knew this was pertinent information to pass on.

“All of Casino La Vida’s 10 most popular slot games have paid out more than a million to its players in just the last month alone, proving that Casino La Vida gives as good as it gets,” commented Casino La Vida promotions manager Victoria Lamonte.

Last month it came as no surprise that Microgaming’s most popular online slot Thunderstruck II paid out, giving back a grand total of $2,196,439.56 to its players. Thunderstruck II is unarguably the most widely considered popular Microgaming slot of all time, its themed is centered around the famous characters of Norse mythology, which include king of the gods Odin, his son the god of thunder Thor, god of mischief Loki and the fearsome warrior maiden monsters the Valkyrie and boasts a 5 reel, 243 Ways To Win video slot.

Next up is the vampire themed and a personal favorite Immortal Romance, paying out a total payout amount of $2,123,591.14, this 5 reel 243 Ways To Win game, follows the paranormal love story of a beautiful mortal scientist, Sarah, vampires Troy and Michael and witch Amber. The game reveals stunning wins, as well as hidden secrets about its characters, as it progresses. Beautifully created with stunning graphics and a tale intertwined in a soundtrack befitting of a Tarantino screen play.

This next online slot doesn’t surprise us one bit, making it onto this list just makes sense. With three recent huge payouts, Microgaming’s latest release of the hot new Girls With Guns – Jungle Heat is simply on fire!

The March release has Girls with Guns in its first month paid out a whopping $1,106,633.25 to players, earning the eighth place spot in our top 10 games. Girls with Guns, creates a high level of entertainment, these “military-minded females on their journey through the jungle to hunt down the evil drug lord Hector and his henchmen” are making some huge waves and slot players need to jump on board and take a wild ride to winning!

Tenth place went to the highest-paying table game, Jacks Or Better, which paid out an impressive $1,056,067.16. A Microgaming variation on video poker, Jacks Or Better gives the player the tantalizing chance to earn a jackpot of 4000 coins.

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