If you are like me and love surprises and best of all free stuff, then I think you should check this out! Mr Green online casino is making the most of what they got by giving players the chance to get your share of the daily 5000 free spins or deposit bonuses up to 100%.

Each day until the 7th of June, Mr Green will either add 5000 free spins to one of his games or activate amazing deposit bonuses.

The catch is only the first 100 players to open that game during the specified time get 50 free spins each, that’s 50×100 to equal the 5000 free spins, while depending on when you choose to make your deposit during the deposit bonus days, decides how much bonus you get.

This awesome promotion is cleverly called Mr Green online casino Wheel of Fortune so if you want some free spins then head on over to Mr Green and win something!

Reminder: Play Smart from the Start, read all bonus terms and conditions!

Reported by Maggie B.

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