We received an email from one of our site visitors yesterday that inquired about the validity of an email they received telling them they had won 945,000 GBP. The email had an attached pdf file that opened up with this:

Confirmation of ₤945,000.00 GBP/ Email Address with Ticket No: 4-24-45-46-52-1
We are happily announce the official publication results of Computer Ballot Draw, Electronic On-line Lottery
organized by the Platinum Plus Online Casino held on January 2012 and the result were release this 24th
January 2012 by TOCOP in conjunction with the GCC Countries and Board of Trustees.
NOTE: Your Email Address has been picked from Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Foreign Trade
Division/Businesss Directory Organization in GCC Countries. This is a scientific email program draw in which
your email address was used. It is a promotional program that encourages Business Users, Organization and
Individuals as you do not require buying a ticket to enter.

As you might notice the above confirmation info is riddled with grammatical errors from the start (We are happily announce). That is the first red flag or actually the second because we can plainly see it is a get something for nothing scam that has all the tell tale signs of the 4-1-9 Nigerian Advance Fee Fraud.

The confirmation letter also goes on with a lot of important sounding things like “TOCOP in conjunction” (don’t even know what the TOCOP is, “GCC Countries” (Apparently Arab countries now love to give out millions in GPB). What does a “scientific email program” even mean???

And get this. These scammers even ripped off the logo from the legitimate (and CSR Approved Casino) Platinum Play.

I could go on and on about this scam but the bottom line is this; If you get an email from some casino called “Platinum Plus Online Casino” or platpluscas.co.uk or pponcas.com it is a scam. They are trying to capitalize on the legitimate, licensed, and regulated online casino Platinum Play.

If you are not sure what “advance fee fraud” is, Google it. These types of scams come in many forms and we highly recommend that anyone not familiar with them take the time to educate themselves.


Below is the the email you will most likely receive and the next image is the response from the Platinum Plus Scam Con Artists telling the email recipient how to Western Union the “advance fee fraud” payment.

Platinum Plus Casino Scam


Platinum Plus Casino Scam

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