Is Flash Dead? This is the hot question on the lips of many-a online gambling operation right now. The question comes with the recent announcement by Microsoft that they will no longer be supporting Flash technology on either Metro or Mobile version of Internet Explorer Windows 8. As well as software download online gambling options; nearly 100% of all desktop content in this industry is driven by Flash.

While warning-bells are tolling the death knoll of Flash in this particular industry, the increase in popular use of tablets and mobile phones for Internet gambling activities has increasingly called for new technology. This is a whole new bingo game; and Adobe has already confirmed that they will no longer develop Flash programs. All this is taking place, while the mobile/online casino industry sweats a little more with this news every day. The concern is that current software platforms that are driven by Flash, will be obsolete before very long.

It is not all bad news however, and Adobe’s gradual withdrawal of this technology will see continued releases of security and bug updates for Flash for RIM PlayBook and Android. Understandably, no new features or releases are planned. The plan is to use the more universal platform – HTML5 which is not bad news for mobile gambling operations and users alike. This technology is already been used in the bigger mobile devices; it certainly offers a better software solution for both the development and delivery of browser-enabled online gambling content.

Apparently the newer HTML5 also offers more advanced security than Flash, which is always good news for those players who make financial transactions online. So, rather than panic; online gambling operations need to look at this in the very simple light of ‘out with the old, and in with the new!’

Written by Neha A.

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