bodog online pokerThere is a brand new game at Bodog – for those of you who don’t know it, Bodog is an online casino, poker and sports betting site. The new game is based on poker, only this time fixed odds apply. You will find the game on the instant play platform – under specialty games; it’s called ‘Poker Bet’. According to people who have played, it is the most realistic fixed odds game you will get which is based on poker. It can be played in practice and real money game formats, so you have time to practice before you put money on the line.

The sequence of Poker Bet replicates a cash poker game exactly, with 6 seats at the table. Each player is dealt two pocket (hole) cards face up; then the flop, turn and river is dealt – just like a game of Hold ’em. It’s in the betting that lays the difference. Each player places a wager on various fixed odds bets, and the choices are which seat will win the hand; to which players may make one or more bet with odds of 5.50 to 1. Payouts are structured on recognized poker probability and pertain to hand ranking also. So the players may also bet on the type of hand ranking they believe will come out of the winning game or hand.

Some very big money can be made on the high ranking poker hands – for example the payout odds are 101.00 to 1 for a High Card, Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush. Remaining hands pay out at approximately 8.53 to 1 for a Flush and 3.01 to 1 for Two Pairs and so on. The winning turn card color is another interesting wager and pays 1.84 to 1 for both red and black. Then, a bet on the winning river card suit is quite lucrative with a payout of 3.75 to 1 regardless of suit.

Written by Neha A
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