cake poker payoutAs if U.S. poker players didn’t already have enough problems with the federal government when trying to play poker online now it seems that U.S. players have to watch out for the online poker rooms themselves! Recently an online poker player Tony G. signed into his online poker account at Cake Poker and sat down for a few nights of poker playing fun and ended up on the winning end of 60K! His joy was short lived though when he was contacted by Cake Poker management and told that his winnings had been confiscated due to the fact that the money won was “fake money”. Management went on to explain that they believe that a security issue at one of their poker sites in the Cake Network had some player accounts funded with fraudulently acquired funds. The table that he was playing at when he won this amazing amount of cash was “of course” one of the games that this alleged fake cash was deposited and played with, therefore making the money he won fake money, so they confiscated the cash out of his account and thanked him for his understanding!

OMG! What an elaborate excuse not to pay a player their due winnings! Even if this story was true and some players deposited cash into their accounts that were fraudulent, isn’t that the poker rooms responsibility and therefore their liability? Why would a player be held responsible for the poker room’s inept security? Without any real proof to back up their story Cake Poker should have no other option but to pay this man his winnings and take the hit themselves for any fraudulent cash that maybe circulating around their poker network and once they catch the offenders then they are the ones that management needs to go after to retrieve their funds. This is just another black eye for U.S. players and online poker. Between the law screwing over the players and now the poker rooms adding insult to injury what recourse do U.S. players have left? It’s very tricky times now for the online U.S. player and great thought needs to be used before venturing into an online poker room that has not proven their integrity.

By Patricia C. Senior Editor
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