We received yet another complaint today about GoCasino.com from one of their players. The player states in an email to us that he was playing the slots at gocasino.com and hit $600. He even goes on to say that he never took a bonus and therefore the win should not have any bonus terms attached to it. The player went to the cashier and selected a wire transfer for the payout but after 3 weeks of waiting no money had been transferred to his bank account. The player then went back to the cashier and selected the check method and the casino told him they could not offer the player that method either.

This is not the first time (or the last I fear) that we have received a complaint about gocasino.com. We are again warning players to avoid gocasino for possible scamming of their players winnings.

We have tried numerous times to contact the casino about these allegations and so far our emails have gone unanswered.


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